Why upgrade to LED lighting?

solar energyReduce your energy use by 85%: One of the fastest and easiest ways to save significantly on your electricity bill is by addressing the issue of lighting and upgrading to LED. To reduce usage even further, you can consider lighting controls such as dimmers, motion sensors and occupancy sensors. Sky Free Energy are happy to advise you on such strategies.

Reduce air conditioning costs: The filament of an incandescent or halogen bulb reaches an incredible 2500 degrees C and bulb 500 degrees C. Only 10% of electricity used by the bulbs goes towards creating light while 90% is turned into heat. Your air conditioning works harder than necessary to compensate for the extra heat being generated. Switching to LED lighting will reduce heat and, therefore, reduce the costs of your air conditioning or cooling system.

Solar EnergyLess maintenance: LED lighting can last 30 years longer than traditional-style lamps and require no maintenance. Maintaining outdoor and indoor commercial and industrial lighting can be an expensive exercise primarily because each visit needs a team of workers equipped with tall ladders or cherry pickers.

Reduce your carbon footprint: Estimates suggest that almost half our carbon footprint is due to electricity and 17% is due to lighting alone. LED lights use more than 75% LESS energy than a typical incandescent bulb, which will greatly reduce your carbon footprint, as less fossil fuel needs to be burnt in order to produce it.