What is Power Factor (PF) and Power Factor Correction (PFC)?

Inefficient electrical systems tend to use a large quantity of reactive power (kVar) which represents the power lost in operation of inductive equipment such as transformers and electric motors, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning etc.

To Understand power factor, think of it as a cappuccino.

  • When you pay for your cappuccino, you expect more coffee than froth.
  • Coffee represents real power.
  • Excess froth on a cappuccino represents wasted energy.
  • You only gain real power from the coffee.
  • By installing Power Factor Correction equipment, you can achieve savings immediately.
  • It is not uncommon for the installation costs of a properly designed system to be recovered within 6-30 months after installation.
  • Our world-class power factor correction systems will raise your business efficiency, lower your carbon footprint and reduce your risk of equipment failure. This saves your business time, energy and money.