Payment Plans through Energy Ease

Sky Free Energy have partnered with Energy Ease to offer our customers Commercial Rental Agreements. Under a commercial rental agreement, the customer rents equipment from Energy Ease.

The customer may use all the power produced by the equipment for as long as the rental agreement lasts. Monthly repayments are at a fixed amount and are not dependent on the amount of power the system produces.

A major advantage of the commercial rental agreement is that the monthly payments are typically 100% tax deductible making this arrangement highly tax effective.

Energy Ease owns the equipment, however at the end of the rental agreement term, the customer can make an offer to purchase the equipment for the cost of 2 monthly repayments. There is no obligation for the customer to purchase the equipment at the end of the rental term.

Energy Performance Contracts

Sky Free Energy implements a project to deliver an energy saving or energy generating system and uses the savings of the renewable energy produced to repay the costs of the project.

Sky Free Energy installs, owns, operates and maintains the equipment.

This requires $0 upfront payment.

To ensure ultimate savings and performance other efficiency measures may be bundled at the discretion of Sky Free Energy. Savings are split 50% to the customer and 50% Sky Free Energy.